Extend Your Philanthropy Past Money

Give your money to people and causes that will truly benefit from it.  Enjoy it!  Give your time as well as money.  It can be very rewarding.

Do Not Burden Your Children with Unearned Wealth

While you want to give your money away, you want to give it to people and causes that will truly benefit from it. Unearned wealth can be a tremendous burden and stunt the growth and spiritual development of those who receive it. Wealth is earned by creating and giving value. Make sure your children learn this lesson.

Have Fun!

Be sure to have as much fun giving your money away as you did earning it! Helping other people can be hard work, but hard work can be some of the most fun you have. Enjoy the process. Find projects and opportunities that jazz you and wow your soul.

The Law of Tithing

Tithing is the common denominator of the truly wealthy! The law of tithing is simple. It will change your life. It is one of the most important principles you will ever learn. Give away 10 percent of all your increase!

It is as simple as that. If you make $ 100, give away $ 10. Now if you really want to shine, to be a star in the firmament of humanity, extend your tithing and your philanthropy beyond the money.

Give away 10 percent of your treasure. Give away 10 percent of your leisure. Give away 10 percent of your talent. Give away 10 percent of your ideas.

Don’t just give money; give time too! Spend a few days a month helping others. Volunteer. Help a friend or neighbor. Share your talents. And give of your knowledge, wisdom, and ideas. I love giving speeches to children’s groups. I never charge for these; it is part of my tithing.

Dee Hock, the founder of the Visa credit card, literally the largest commercial venture in human history, teaches that community consists of the interactions we have to which we do not affix a monetary value. The more things you give instead of selling, the richer your life will become.

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Have a Large Personal Goal for Charity

Decide right now that you will help in a big and meaningful way! Resources, money, talents, time, and ideas will flow to you magically from the universe if you are committed to giving them away to others. You will become as big as you want to give.

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